About us and our hostel

We hope you’re sitting comfortably because our story has some history!


The Mountain Hostel was built in 1563, it was occupied by two families which kept cows and goats in the basement and lived in the building above which was split into two.


It remained a farming home for hundreds of years until its purpose was changed in 1939 when Lina Von Allmen converted the building to a hostel and its purpose has remained the same until today. We (Petra and Walter) took over the business in 1996 and put our heart and soul renovating it to its current charming yet modest state.


Located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau region, our Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald is simply love at first sight. Buzzing with travelers from around the world, it is quite common to come here for a day and stay for weeks!


With perfect access to the many hiking trails from our front door, we also make a great base for your outdoor activities.


The hostel seems to attract a certain type of traveler – social, fun, respectful and adventurous with a love for the natural beauty that the Alps provide. A photographers dream, Gimmelwald is a place you really have to see to believe.


The easygoing and fun environment at our hostel leads to memories and friends that last a lifetime. In the evenings you will find travelers playing cards and games, guitar and piano. It’s amazing to see familiar faces that come back every year sitting side by side with new travelers in awe of the view, having a beer on the deck as the sun sets on the mountains…



The Mountain Hostel will be the highlight of your trip and an unforgettable experience!

… hope to see you soon!

Your hosts:

Petra & Walter Brunner with Nicole and Michelle


Mountain Hostel is open 11 months a year!

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Only 45 Swiss Francs per night, including a great breakfast buffet!

Mountain Hostel

Petra and Walter Brunner

CH-3826 Gimmelwald

 Phone and fax:

In Europe  +41 33 855 17 04

From North America  011 41 33 855 17 04

Opening times:

In winter from 1st of Dezember to the 30th of March.

In summer from the middle of April until the 31st of October.


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